Mamoon Series: Rosmarinus Officinalis

Mamoon Series: Rosmarinus Officinalis, is a 4-part look into the miraculous healing powers of the herb and it’s historical and symbolic influence on our planet. #Mamoon & #mamoonremedies is inspired by the need for alternative to modern-day medical cures. Each month, @thehorseandcrow will focus on the history of a plant, its ethnobotanical uses, and how current research helps to support its historic use. The plant will accompany a #spiritbio and embody, symbolically and medicinally, the remedy we need to get through the times we are in. Continue reading Mamoon Series: Rosmarinus Officinalis

Mamoon: Toyon 

@thehorseandcrow Native Californians referred to this plant as joshik, ashuwet, and aatcawut. The name was most likely taken from the ancient Californian Chumash, who referred to it as toyon. Also known as ‘Christmas berry’ or ‘California Holly’ was in abundance in the Los Angeles basin when Europeans arrived.  Legend has it that the early pioneers … Continue reading Mamoon: Toyon 

Mamoon Remedies: Juniper Moon Healing Lotion Bars

Mamoon Remedies are healing luxuries made with love from local plants in Southern California. They are a product of intense research into the plant and the ancient use of it and selected each month based on the collective cosmic need of our community. #mamoon #healing #femmefuturism #thehorseandcrow #ethnobotony #naturalhealing #womyn #community #madewithlove #mamoonremedies Continue reading Mamoon Remedies: Juniper Moon Healing Lotion Bars