Mamoon: Toyon 

@thehorseandcrow Native Californians referred to this plant as joshik, ashuwet, and aatcawut. The name was most likely taken from the ancient Californian Chumash, who referred to it as toyon. Also known as ‘Christmas berry’ or ‘California Holly’ was in abundance in the Los Angeles basin when Europeans arrived.  Legend has it that the early pioneers … Continue reading Mamoon: Toyon 

Spirit Bio: Zitkala-Ša

Spirit Bios are stories about pioneering womyn, gender queer, and multi spirited humans that deserve a greater place in our modern history. This month, we commemorate Zitkala-Ša for her contribution to American art, history, and for her pioneering advocacy on behalf of opressed decendants of indigenous Americans. #spiritbio #zitkalasa #thehorseandcrow #femmefuturism #gertrudebonninsimmons #braveface #empoweringindigenouswomen #ancientamerica #womyn Continue reading Spirit Bio: Zitkala-Ša