Mamoon Series: Rosmarinus Officinalis

Mamoon Series: Rosmarinus Officinalis, is a 4-part look into the miraculous healing powers of the herb and it’s historical and symbolic influence on our planet. #Mamoon & #mamoonremedies is inspired by the need for alternative to modern-day medical cures. Each month, @thehorseandcrow will focus on the history of a plant, its ethnobotanical uses, and how current research helps to support its historic use. The plant will accompany a #spiritbio and embody, symbolically and medicinally, the remedy we need to get through the times we are in. Continue reading Mamoon Series: Rosmarinus Officinalis

Spirit Bio: [Herm]Aphroditos

For February 2017, @thehorseandcrow honors the deity of love in its most potent and rebellious form: [Herm]aphrotidos. The many manifestations of this multi-spirited deity has inspired all to unite in love and spirit through acts of revolutionary feminization, compassion and beauty by invoking our most ancient origins. #spiritbio @thehorseandcrow

Spirit Bios are stories about pioneering womyn, genderqueer, and multi spirited humans that deserve a greater place in our modern history. Spiritbio’s aim to empower, illuminate, and inspire others through writing about the important spirits in our modern and ancient history. #hermaphroditos #afroditos #aphrodite #venus #thehorseandcrow #femmefuturism #storytelling @sloukaides #valentinesday Continue reading Spirit Bio: [Herm]Aphroditos